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One can learn to make noodles in a day, but true artistry may take a lifetime to master. Hand pulled noodles are the an important culinary tradition in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine. In this workshop, Chef Leo Lamprides and wife Helen of the hospitality group @chineselaundryinla will teach participants two types of hand pulled noodles - La (pull) Mian (noodle, dough) and Biang Biang (sound of making noodles) Mian. Guests will have the chance to practice pulling their own biang biang noodles. Kim and Hong of the food blog @ravenouscouple will also demonstrate fabric pulled noodles in the Vietnamese tradition.

Joy and Deau from @the_base_co, a natural sweetener company crafting their unique products from fresh picked fruit and lively herb, will be showcasing their cocktails and drinks.

And yes—food, and especially, noodles will be enjoyed by all! Guests will take home: biangbiang mian dough recipe, a pre-measured Youpo Mian (sizzling chili oil noodles) recipe kit, Youpo Mian cooking instructions, and other swag.

Limited tickets available. Location in South Pasadena. Address available upon ticket purchase.