Chinese Laundry is a restaurant CONCEPT that brings DELICIOUS re-imagined Chinese classics to the streets of Los angeles. 

Chinese Laundry opened in January 2016 and has been floating around Downtown LA & the Arts District. Since then, the former Faith & Flower sous chef, Leo Lamprides, has been serving up his wife's family recipes from various regions of China, as well as re-interpreted Chinese culinary classics out of his vintage truck. Through experimentation with local ingredients and new & traditional techniques, his goal is to make elevated dishes that are rooted in the heritage & culture that has taken his palette captive since meeting his wife from China, 6 years ago.


Monday - Friday
11a - 2p

One California Plaza
300 S. Grand Ave

Hours and location subject to change. Please call ahead to confirm our exact whereabouts. 

"Thanks to Chef Leo Lamprides, you’re able to get your Chinese food fix all over LA. From the beef risotto to Hainan chicken and spicy Sichuan noodles, everything is bursting with flavor." - LA TACO

"The two took inspiration from both their backgrounds — Lamprides is Portuguese Greek American; Li is from Beijing — to come up with a style that's uniquely their own, incorporating a pantheon of cuisines, from Hainan chicken to Uighur-style meat to risotto." -LOS ANGELES TIMES